Conor Dwyer: Olympic relay champion given 20-month doping ban and will retire

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American dual Olympic champion Conor Dwyer is to retire from swimming after being awarded a doping ban.
The 30-year-old tested positive for an anabolic agent in three pee samples in December and November this past year.
He had been found to have had testosterone pellets inserted in his entire body, the US Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) said.
My doctor assured me that the United States Olympic Committee had accepted that the remedy, said Dwyer.
Despite the result of the arbitration ruling, I have resolved to retire from swimming to pursue other professional interests.
Dwyer said he followed a medical treatment he did not realise contained the banned substance testosterone and said that the panel stated in its report he was not significantly responsible for the breach.
He had been part of this US 4x200m clubs which won gold in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. He also claimed bronze at Rio at 2016 in the 200 freestyle that was respective.
Usada chief executive Travis Tygart stated:As noted in the panel conclusion, Usada is separate of sport and here to help athletes ensure they compete fresh and protect their health and health within the rules.
It is bothersome that Mr Dwyer didnt make the most of this service and this situation will convince others to do this to be able to protect reasonable and healthy competition for athletes.
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