Point/Counterpoint: Ravens vs Chiefs NFL Picks & Game Predictions

Everyone should be excited about the matchup between the Ravens and Chiefs. Doug Upstone and Swinging Johnson share their NFL picks for this particular match.
It’s Week 3 of the NFL and also one of the games is with Baltimore two unbeatens and Kansas City in the AFC. While there’ll be ample discussion about the Chiefs being a 6.5-point preferred for their home opener, there’s another facet to the competition, the complete.
The NFL chances opening launch was 51.5 and shot up nearly immediately to 55.
As is normally true with SBR authors Doug Upstone and Swinging Johnsonthey ae two people who view the glass as – Half Full or Half Empty – and also discuss their ideas about this thought-provoking complete for NFL picks.
Doug Upstone: Mr. Swinger, Mr. Johnson, everything you would like, you have the better of me with an astute Arizona choice. Kyler Murray threw the pigskin all but couldn’t score points for what could have been a huge upset.
That gives me you personally, which makes me happy as Drew Brees in the present time and Ben Roethlisberger my very first setback of the football season.
I found it curious that sportsbooks introduced this total and those NFL football and pound it. Around the Over, 95 percentage of bets are at last look on Tuesday. You agree?
Swinging Johnson: Interested Doug, how kind of you to acknowledge my handicapping art. Yes, I had been nothing short of last week in calling the Cardinals readily covering as 13-point road hounds within the Dirty Birds. Perhaps we can dwell on that a bit?
Okay then, enough patting me on the back (true confession- it is not enough), let’s discuss the total, or over/under as the newbies state, in what ought to be a litmus test for the Ravens.
This match will establish whether they are merely the inheritance of needing their life to start, or if they are a bona fide force. I’m partial to the prior but that’s neither here nor there since we are focusing our eyes directly on the points scored in this competition which is sitting not fairly at 55 if you’re inclined to discuss the posted total.
Sure, it’s a great deal of things, but hey, if you’re a lot of woman and you do not hear me whining. And dammit, I will not whine here since KC is gont get theirs from a Ravens’ defense that is as stout as they appeared contrary to the Miami and Arizona offenses that are frankly — offensive!
Mahomes is going to shred this secondary as readily as I chased my Achilles when attempting a reverse osmosis kick at my nephew’s wedding in which I landed at the punch bowl, with tears streaming down my lips and a sense of desperation in my eyes. It was sad really, going from Bruce Lee into Peggy Lee at the blink of a eye. However, I digress, as I am wont to do.
In addition to the barrage that will be unleashed, it seems as though Shady McCoy will be suited up following an MRI on his ankle revealed the words – Week 3 TD’s!
Inform me Doug, why is it that you believe a dazzling offense like the Chiefs will suddenly succumb to a pedestrian defense like the Ravens? Oh, and in case you’re going to opine that the Ravens won’t score there’s a fella by the name of Lamar Jackson that might like to have a word.
DU: Swinger, let me send you a Lamar Jackson fitting jersey as your most recent obsession might need a call to the fire department to cool off you set in my Amazon Prime account out of Louisville and Baltimore.
Have to mention Swinger, I really don’t share your opinion the Ravens are still an ordinary defense. They got quicker and younger in the procedure, although they did make changes from last year, letting go of several players.
No question broker Gabe Gabriel’s newest customer (State Farm advertisements ), Mahomes, is a incredible talent who drops bombs into recipients waiting hands, but he’s not ideal.
His defensive team and coach John Harbaugh will soon heat Mahomes up and with a few copies they will find out the difference between the Oakland the only and second the Ravens have.
Let’s also not forget last’s year’s game in the location. Kansas City won 27-24 along with the amount was 48. An adjustment of 3 factors trading your superhero is sensible. However, 48 to 55 increase in the amount is SJ.
SJ? Exactly why Dougyou never told me you were a man of means. Okay, so send me the LJ gear and I’ll buy you a snow cone.
But return to whether the Chiefs can be scored on by the Ravens , let’s not forget that playing at Arrowhead is no more the graveyard of opposing offenses. Lamar Jackson has a shiny toy that last season wasn’t possessed by him and his name is first-round pick Marquise Brown. The kid has two trips into the end zone over the first two games of the NFL career and also the accession of Miles Boykin from Notre Dame can help the aerial attack as well in Jackson.
The Chiefs have allowed an average of 18 factors such as the Jaguars and notably the Raiders into lackluster crimes. Jackson and his group of Ravens must be great for at least a touchdown more which means the Chiefs will need to score over 25 points. Now you are flying around 50, and while you do make a point about the past season’s game along with the corresponding complete, I must believe this one goes higher with a Chiefs 38 — Ravens 27 score a reasonable projection.
DU: 65 points! Holy Mahome! Allow me to put a small trendy talk about you. For all the hoopla about K.C, under Andy Reid, they are 15-6 Beneath at home after two or more successive wins against the spread. This is followed by the Ravens at 13-3 Beneath after obtaining 375 or even more total yards in back-to-back games.
SJ: Great stuff Doug, but I do not care, my mind is made up. What I’m looking forward to is evening up the string slate and I’ll be thinking of you while I’m looking at a glass of Cristal and dining table on a delicate foie gras, paid for entirely my 5Dimes, Bookmaker and BetOnline accounts in your expense. Until next week, monsieur!
DU: Yes Swinger and I hope you win all your NFL picks this weekend for you. I believe I am and if I’m right, I will find an autograph six-pack Keystone Light delivered to you by Keith Stone.
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